Daimler AG

Daimler AG, with its headquarters in Stuttgart of Germany, has a long history of automobile and engine manufacturing. On 1 May 1924, Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft and Benz & Cie signed an Agreement of Mutual Interest. They remained separate entities until 28 June 1926, when they merged to form Daimler-Benz AG and decided to brand their automobiles as Mercedes-Benz. Later in 1998, the company joined with Chrysler Corporation to form DaimlerChrysler AG. However, in 2007, Chrysler was sold to Cerberus Capital Management and the company’s name became Daimler AG.

Daimler Stock – A Pioneer in Auto-piloting

Featuring over 100 models of vehicles, including trucks, autos, and buses in about 200 countries, Daimler AG is a major player in the automotive marketplace. Daimler also boasts production facilities in five continents and offers automotive financial services in 40 countries. Businesses falling under Daimler stock include the following:

  • Mercedes-Benz cars
  • Mercedes-Benz vans
  • Daimler trucks
  • Daimler buses
  • Daimler financial services

Daimler Branded Portfolio Products

Daimler AG’s brand portfolio includes the following:

  • Mercedes-AMG
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Smart Mitsubishi Fuso
  • Freightliner
  • Maybach
  • Western Star
  • Orion
  • Sterling
  • Setra
  • Detroit Diesel
  • Thomas Built Buses

More about Daimler

Daimler is working to reach sustainable growth and industry-leading profitability, thereby making it a top cyclical stock choice. The company’s mission reflects an obligation to produce new technologies and top-class production to honor a responsibility toward a better society and environment. The car maker’s fundamental principle of sustainability is an integral part of Daimler AG’s operations.

Daimler Stock Shares

Daimler stock is listed on the  New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), plus stock exchanges in Stuttgart and Frankfurt, Germany. The Daimler stock exchange abbreviation is DAI. Because Daimler stock is listed as a global share of stock, it may be traded in various international stock exchanges. Daimler’s shareholder structure is divided, as follows:

  • Aabar Investments, Kuwait
  • Institutional investors (the largest percentage of registered capital stock)
  • Private investors
  • Treasury shares

Daimler Trucks

Daimler stock may be a great stock to include in your investment portfolio, especially when it comes to self-driving or auto-piloted vehicles. Not only is the Daimler name associated with luxury vehicles, known as Mercedes-Benz, it also produces medium and heavy commercial brands under Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner, among others.

Trucks produced by Daimler are in the process of being tested for future auto-piloting use. Moreover, the company has developed the unique reputation of being a pioneer in the auto industry with its research and development of vehicles with a “hand-off steering system,” something the company launched with the design of the 2014 Mercedes C-class sedan.

Highway Pilot

The company continues to make innovations in both its cars and trucks – improvements that will lend toward its efforts of being a sustainable and progressive vehicle manufacturer. For example,  Daimler stock continues to be a good stock choice because of the company’s investment in battery-electric drivetrains and automated and electrified long-haul trucks. The company also has been involved in testing a system known as “Highway Pilot.” This system enables automated tractor-trailer trucks to drive in a closely linked automated convoy – something known as platooning.

The company’s current emphasis is on producing light-duty electric trucks, or delivery vans that can be driven in urban locations, as well as manufacturing heavy-duty electric trucks, slated to be produced by mass production.

HERE Mapping

In addition, some stock investors of Daimler stock do not know that the company has aligned with rivals, BMW (OTC: BAMXF) and Audi, besides computer chip maker Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) to own part of HERE. HERE represents a mapping company – a business that will be a major supplier of highly detailed maps that will be crucial in the making of Level 4 autonomous vehicles. Vehicles with more maps to access can travel without the need for a human driver.

With respect to the self-driving revolution that is currently unfolding, Daimler stock is a stock you may want to consider. While adding autonomous features to premium SUVs and sedans bodes well for future growth, Daimler’s position in the self-driving truck market may experience a substantial bottom-line boost, particularly as the technologies integrate themselves into the marketplace.

Long-term Growth and Investment Planning

Daimler stock is a little undervalued but provides healthy returns. Its prior rich dividend yields mark Daimler stock shares as good picks for an auto stock. Given that the company’s profit margins have increased over the past few years and its investments look sensible, you may want to include Daimler stock for long-term growth and investment planning.

However, that still leads to a significant question – Is Daimler stock a top 10 stock pick? Compared to other stocks, it ranks high, but does not rank in the top 10 stocks that beat the stock market by a wide margin.

Think Amazon, Disney, and Netflix if you are seeking the best return on your investment dollar. Nevertheless, that does not mean you should not invest part of your money in Daimler stock. Daimler makes it possible for you to plan for the future and realize possible significant returns—while not immediately—but in the years ahead.

A strong management team supports Daimler stock, thereby making it the ideal stock to choose if you wish to add an auto stock to your portfolio – one that will reap you with rewards now and well into the future. By reinvesting the dividends, you can realize some fat stock yields over time. The key is to be patient, as Daimler stock is cyclical, so it may fall a little but still rebounds if you keep it in your portfolio.

Weighting Averages

According to Daimler AG and, and as noted, Daimler stock is listed at stock exchanges in Stuttgart and Frankfurt. Therefore, it is helpful to weight the stock in important indices of the stock market to determine performance. Let’s take a closer look:

  • With a weighting of 4.67% in 2019, Daimler stock was listed in the top 10 (ninth place) in the German DAX 30 index.
  • Its weighting of 1.55% in the Euro STOXX 30 index placed Daimler stock 29th among its competitors in 2019.

A large number of Daimler stock shares are also traded in the over-the-counter (OTC) marketplace and on multilateral platforms, giving the investor a number of trading options.

A Few More Technical Details

Daimler stock represents ordinary, registered shares. None of the shares are preferred. As of December 31, 2019, Daimler stock featured 1,069,837,447 shares. The registered office for the stock is located in Stuttgart, Germany.

The ticker symbols are DAI (the regular ticker symbol); DAIGn.DE (the ticker symbol for Reuters); DAI: GRM (the ticker symbol for Bloomberg); and DDAIF (the ticker symbol for the U.S.) The International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) number for Daimler stock is DE 000 7100000. This number is necessary for cross-border communications and trading.


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