Many stock market quarters love to hate companies like McDonalds because we cannot resist their delicious products if no one is looking! But there is much for stock market investors to admire in this company, and we can all learn to manage our own ventures better by studying the way McDonald's does things.

It starts with Internal Marketing, which so many stock market members tend to neglect. The External Marketing of McDonald’s cannot be faulted in any way, but it is in areas such as recruitment, training, and processes that this company is streets ahead. Interaction Marketing is also excellent, and uniform, no matter where in the world you drop in on them.

Customer definition at McDonald’s is wide and all-embracing. Every opinion counts, and the company does not fail to respond with assertive vigor to every pressure brought on it. Consider the range of salads, and the nutrition information it provides to counter criticism of the health effects of its original products. Consider also how it adjusts country menus to meet religious and local concerns.

A relatively well-kept secret about McDonald’s, which many stock market investors do not know, is its ownership of exclusive biological materials. Those are not ordinary potatoes which make the tasty fries! The company has its own varieties of key farm ingredients, and unique processing methods as well.

Franchise management is perhaps where McDonald’s scores over all rivals. Hygiene, Operations Management, standardization of the orders which it achieves through outlets which it does not even own, is rare even for comparable organizations which have their own branches.

Overall, McDonald’s achieves profits through sheer management excellence. The company’s fortunes are likely to remain rock solid no matter what the future may hold. It is a must and should be a permanent member of every stock market portfolio!

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