Bayer's slogan reads as follows: "Science For A Better Life". And with every passing year, this company strives to improve on its products, which include nutrition and healthcare. It is a company that is determined to develop new products to secure a better future and find new innovations to advance the quality of life. Bayer is a pharmaceutical company that is known worldwide, and its headquarters are located in Leverkusen, Germany. As the third largest company of its kind, Bayer is one of the leaders in the pharmaceutical industry.

Bayer was founded by Friedrich Bayer and Johann Friedrich Weskott in 1863, and came to the world’s attention after releasing their first product, acetylsalicylic acid, better known as Aspirin. This led to the company logo being designed in 1904, to accompany the Aspirin, with the cross also being imprinted on the tablets. Other products discovered include Prontosil, Propoxur, Levitra, Suramin and Heroin. Over the years, Bayer has grown and acquired various other companies, such as Roche Pharmaceuticals in 2004 and Schering AG in 2006, developing into a formidable force within the industry, specializing in both pharmaceuticals and chemicals, including medicine, diabetes care, adhesives, pesticides, veterinary drugs, plant biotechnology and over the counter drugs.

To streamline the various divisions in Bayer AG, the company became a holding company, in the year 2003, and numerous companies were created, under the control of Bayer AG, such as Bayer HealthCare AG, Bayer CropScience AG, Bayer Chemicals AG and Bayer Technology Services GmbH. In addition, Bayer is also on the forefront of animal health development and business services. It is currently listed on the London Stock Exchange, as well as the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The less corporate side to Bayer is filled with projects and initiatives to assist in social development and especially in the promotion of sustainable development. Bringing awareness to industrial environmental protection through their experience and centuries of commitment to the conservation of the environment, Bayer leads vital programs, including Youth and Environment and Sustainable Agriculture and Biodiversity. Through reaching out to the youth, Bayer hopes to educate the next generation on protecting the earth through sustainable development, and to contribute positively to the growing demand for a higher quality food through the education of the public in regard to the importance of the biodiversity of nature and building a future on sustainable agriculture. Bayer hopes to provide the world with a healthy and environmentally friendly future we can all be proud of.

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