It is a stock market rarity to find such limited competition in an essential and global business! However, that is the truth of Boeing, a corporate name as famous as its host city of Seattle near the west coast of the United States.

Though this stock market giant has technologies and systems for missiles, warfare, and for outer space, it is in the field of commercial airliners that Boeing has achieved most fame and revenue. No populated part of the world is left unserviced by civilian aircraft in the 21st century.

Technological and financial constraints may prevent other stock market entities from competing in this market sector. Even Airbus, the only competitor worthy of any attention, survives on significant support from its two government owners. This makes the performance of Boeing most credit-worthy, using entirely democratic and public funds for good use.

Boeing continues to impact, not just on its home stock market in New York, but on the economies of all the countries which use its broad range of fuel-efficient and comfortable aircraft. The company has a distinguished record of safety, supporting its customers with maintenance assistance and expert services in all adverse incidents.

Boeing is about more than just aircraft, and adds to its stock market value through the best management practices. The company is a stickler for cost control, and does not hesitate to retrace its steps when the market does not respond positively to any of its innovative developments.

This stock market stalwart, which is a member of the New York Stock Exchange, has what it takes to make every owner, no matter how small, proud!

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