Proctor & Gamble

The stock market can rest assured that the business of Proctor & Gamble will never go out of style. Personal hygiene, keeping the home clean, washing clothes, and looking after infants, are essential aspects of life, for all people everywhere. Proctor & Gamble also has prescription medicine in its fabulous product range. Snacks and beverages give the company additional growth and margin potential as far as stock market analysts can discern.

The breadth of the Proctor & Gamble product range does not mean that any of the products suffer from a lack of care and attention. Proctor & Gamble brand shares are the toast of the stock market! The company has an extraordinary record of succeeding with its new launches, and of holding its own against price competition. The company’s business processes hold many lessons for other sectors which dump their brands after short runs-Proctor & Gamble brands grow and add value for ever!

There are hard nosed efficiencies in the operations of Proctor & Gamble which may not be apparent to the casual stock market observer. It takes consummate skill to make money from brands in such simple product categories, which any small enterprise can copy in theory. One aspect is the economies of scale which Proctor & Gamble commands, enabling it to deliver exquisite stock market value. Small operators cannot match Proctor & Gamble quality standards at the prices which the giant is able to afford.

Logistics is a related area of excellence for Proctor & Gamble. The simple act of staying on retail shelves everywhere and in time, relentlessly, and everyday delivers more growth and profits than stock market outsiders may realize.

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