Credit Suisse

With its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, the Credit Suisse Group is listed on both the Swiss Exchange (CSGN) and the New York Stock Exchange (CS). Under its three divisions – Investment Banking, Private Banking and Asset Management – Credit Suisse offers a comprehensive range of services to its clients around the world on a 24/7 basis. At the beginning of 2010, Credit Suisse had approximately 47,400 employees on its payroll in more than 50 countries, and boasted a Moody's rating of AA2, Fitch rating of AA-, and Standard & Poor's rating of A.

With its roots going back to 1856, Credit Suisse has a long and illustrious tradition of customer service excellence. The company’s stated vision is to “become the world’s most admired bank, renowned for our expertise in private banking, investment banking and asset management, and most valued for our advice, innovation and execution.”

The Private Banking division of Credit Suisse strives to provide advice on wealth management solutions that is comprehensive while being tailored to the individual needs of clients considered being of high-net-worth, both on a global scale and domestically. Through its Investment Banking division, corporate, institutional and government clients are offered a broad range of banking and securities products and services. The Asset Management division presents a wide range of investment products to suite all investment styles. The Shared Services division of Credit Suisse provides all three of the bank’s core divisions with business support and corporate services that are both high-quality and cost effective.

In keeping with the global trend toward corporate and social responsibility, the Credit Suisse Group addresses issues relating to the environment, society, the banking world and its responsibilities as an employer. While paying due attention to its carbon footprint, Credit Suisse supports a number of philanthropically-oriented initiatives, including funding for disadvantaged children in lesser developed countries of the Asia-Pacific region, and supporting local social outreach programs in Switzerland through the Jubilee Fund of the Credit Suisse Foundation.

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