Very few companies come even close to Intel’s ability to make silicon chips with imprints of integrated circuits. The company upgrades its technology with dazzling rapidity. It is far ahead of the competition, and appears poised to stay that way!

An abiding reason for stock market confidence in Intel, apart from its amazing ability to innovate continuously, is manufacturing excellence. Intel has a consistent track record of producing its researched products to the best quality standards. Investors can rest assured in this company’s ability to scale up from laboratory to global scale, quickly and free of errors. Intel has rare expertise in precision manufacture of its almost inconceivably minute chips, and in aseptic conditions.

Most 21st Century Stock Market Marvels Depend on Silicone Chips Made by Intel

Every stock market member using computers and the Internet depends on the technology of silicon chips. This gives an idea of the power of Intel Corporation’s technical leadership in an area vital for the modern world. All of us become increasingly dependant on this company as it keeps increasing its lead over other chip manufacturers.

Intel Corporation is less than 50 years old, but already it has made a tremendous impact on how the entire world functions. It is difficult to think of other organizations, which at any point in history, have contributed so much to human welfare as has Intel. Computers of infinitesimal power compared to today’s hand-held devices, occupied entire buildings before Intel came along.

Stock market investors need not worry about returns from their ownership of Intel Corporation, because this company operates with a generous gross margin of 50%. Dividends and value appreciation can be taken for granted in a company with the role and skills of Intel, but the prestige, privileges, and pride that come with being a part of this star crossed venture, rise way above mere financial considerations!

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