Playboy Corporation

There is no need to feel shy about holding this stock! Entertainment is serious business, and entirely legitimate from a U.S. stock market view point. Playboy is a pragmatic organization, and has shown the flexibility and resilience to adapt to evolving customer needs. It is therefore as loved by large segments of today’s readers and customers, as it was when the founder was a younger person. This company provides an object lesson in marketing, having built such sustained profitability around a single brand. Though Playboy has branched out to a number of media spots and recreation types, the core values of the brand have remained unchanged. It has also managed to stand apart from the competition in a business which defies conventional business value building processes. Playboy is able to attract significant new entrants in to the demographic with disposable income, and retains brand loyalty with high net worth individuals for decades.

The global spread of Playboy throughout the developed world is another remarkable phenomenon from a business perspective. Much of the company enduring stock market value derives from its universal appeal in all the countries where it is permitted to operate. Indeed, the magazine version is most highly prized where it is not on regular shelves! This fervent demand and legendary loyalty is not for crass nudity, but for the class and style statements which the brand is able to convey. Men, and women, of all backgrounds and ages can enjoy Playboy. It is therefore a valuable advertising and communication medium for diverse products and services. While the company has grown far beyond print alone, the magazine is still one of the best choices for a company with something new to launch on a global scale. More than 15 million people read Playboy every month, and there are more than 20 country editions.

Playboy has been very successful in licensing its brand for territories and sectors in which it does not have direct operations. It has also emerged as a significant player in the new electronic media arena. This should ensure investors of the continued viability and growth prospects of the company. Large and continuous investments in upgrades are certain to provide attractive returns for share holders. Playboy is listed on the NYSE. It is an excellent choice for any portfolio which attaches importance to the lucrative business of holistic entertainment for men.

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