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  • Africa

    Ghana Stock Exchange

    It took nearly twenty years from the time when the concept of establishing a stock exchange in Ghana originated to the time it was actually implemented. While the move would have greatly helped to improve the local economy, providing an efficient vehicle for the mobilizing and allocation of capital for economic development and growth in the country, it was not until 1989 that efforts to ...

  • Research

    Industry Sectors

    It is not easy to start investing directly in an exotic stock market. The language, local conditions and laws appear confusing at first, and though everyone has the option to piggy back on entrenched financial institutions, there is much value to be captured by direct stock market operations. How can individual investors start participating in a stock market in an unfamiliar country, ...

  • Europe

    French Stock Exchange

    Previously known as Paris Bourse, Euronext Paris in France is the country’s securities market. In September 2000 the Paris, Brussels (Belgium), Lisbon (Portugal) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) exchanges combined to create Euronext NV.

  • Asia

    Osaka Securities Exchange

    The Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE) is Japan's second biggest securities exchange when it comes to the handling of business. They are also known for introducing the world recognized Nikkei 225 Futures index in 1988. OSE leads when it comes to Derivatives Exchange, complementing its contemporary Tokyo Securities Exchange which deals with spot trading. Interestingly, during 1990 and 1991 Osaka ...

  • Glossary


    Balanced Funds – Balanced Funds are a type of Mutual Fund that seeks to provide a greater degree of security – and correspondingly less risk – than other kinds of mutual funds. Balanced Funds incorporate Bonds and other debt securities in their portfolios. The bond quotient tends to moderate any sudden decline in the fund’s […]

  • Asia Pacific


    The stock market culture of Vietnam may be in its infancy, but most analysts agree on its shining future potential. The Stock Trading Center in Ho Chi Minh City is only as old as the current century, but has already grown into an appreciable force in terms of providing funds for the government. The bond market of Vietnam has not only grown at a rapid pace, but has attracted international ...