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    Asia Pacific

    Testing Times for the Japanese Stock MarketThe encouraging turn of the Japanese economy from disturbing years of deflation, makes no sense of recent trends in its stock market. One would have expected the Nikkei to focus on the creditable improvement of its home environment, rather than ape international stock market trends, but the week beginning June 12 2006 has belied such ...

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    Goldman Sachs

    No stock market quarter questions their judgments and valuations. Goldman Sachs is the inventor and a pioneer when it comes to basic stock market conventions that have become universal standards over the last 100 years. Ventures of today which make plans to raise public funds for their business plans essentially use ideas which Goldman Sachs introduced in the early 1900s. The company has ...

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    South Korea

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    Investing 101

    It seems every day we’re bombarded with offers, enticements and pitches to get us to invest our money. It can become confusing, even disheartening after a while, especially for those just getting started in investing. One should remember that all of those companies who advertise investing strategies are businesses whose priority is to make money for them first and you, second. When it comes ...

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