Marriott Group

Many of us from the stock market community have been guests of Marriott at some time, and very few, if any, will recall our stays with anything less than pleasure. Whether it is for business, a vacation, an event, or a long term assignment which requires us to set up a temporary residence-Marriott has suitable lodgings to suit every purpose.

A major strength on which Marriott delivers value to the stock market, is its global spread, which is an important characteristic of today’s modern business traveler. A typical trip may involve more than one continent, several time zones, transit through a number of airports, and the pressing need for a place to relax, recoup, and to rest for the night. Marriott is a single-window solution for such harried executives, with clean, comfortable, and secure lodgings in major cities and near airports which act as hubs.

The vacation market is large, stable, and one in which every player can deliver results for the stock market. Marriott has followed a brilliant combination of new construction and inorganic growth, to build a stable of properties in the best vacation spots of the world. The company blends its physical assets with an excellent strategy with respect to Human Resources Development. The courtesy and welcoming nature of Marriott employees is legendary. Staying at a Marriott hotel is often the high point of a family on a vacation.

Marriott Delivers Consistent Stock Market Value Through Hospitality Excellence

We do not know if the Marriott family, when they opened a root beer stand in 1927 in the U.S. capital, foresaw the stock market saga they had started, but there legendary spirit of hospitality permeates every corner of the nearly three thousand properties Marriott owns and operates throughout the world today. Much of the company’s strength is in its ability to participate in a full range of price points and market segments, through a slew of excellent hotel and residence brands. You do not have to be wealthy to be a Marriott customer, but should you want supreme elegance and exclusivity, then the company is not wanting in those respects either.

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