Every company listed on a stock market has a role in the daily life of the nation in which it operates. The financial impact of a company on a stock market is only a fraction of that which it has on society at large. Stock market investors, who commit funds to companies for the long term, need to take note of the multi-faceted dimensions of businesses.

Health insurance is a key sector of every stock market structure, because of its financial and other impacts as well. This is particularly true of the United States and some European countries which offer extraordinary health benefits to all citizens. Where would we be without the security of the best medical care that technology has to offer? The plight of people without health insurance, when they fall ill, is living proof of the immense contributions of the health insurance industry.

Aetna is a famous and respected member of the stock market world. It has served the United States for more than a century. The company makes it easy for employees to choose from a variety of health insurance products, and keeps costs within affordable limits for even the most modest of employers. There is no compromise when it comes to the health interests of people, and they can avail of the best services, tests, and medicines.

With its headquarters based in Hartford, CT, Aetna has national spread, having a comprehensive business infrastructure in all 50 States. This is an important part of its competitive strength from a stock market investor’s perspective. Though Aetna is focused on employers of all sizes, it also caters to individuals. Medicare beneficiaries are covered in some parts of the country. Aetna’s broad appeal to important groups of citizens, its flexible product portfolio, and strong business traditions, blend to give it a special place in the health insurance industry.

Top financial agencies have given Aetna stable debt ratings, which should reassure all stock market investors. The pre-tax operating margin has hovered around 10% even in the face of steep rises of high-technology medical costs. Aetna aims to strike a balance between its responsibilities to the people who it insures, as well as other stake holders. The stock, which has enjoyed a 52-week high of $52.32, dropped to less than $31 in early August 2006, on reports of a poor second quarter. Stock market experts anticipate strong recovery as this time-honored vital service provider reviews its premium structure.

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