Viacom has a fun goal which is not common in the serious corridors of the stock market. This does not mean that it is a company to take lightly! Indeed, it is one of the top picks on the stock market, given the qualities of its plans, performance and management. Viacom straddles over the entertainment world like a 21st century giant. It has enormous holds on the worlds of cinema and television, and is a leader in the digital revolution as well. Few companies listed on any stock market have the daunting competitive strengths of Viacom.

Viacom caters to the entertainment needs of people across all age groups. It has created lasting stock market value by creating networks of the best artists, producers, agents, and distribution channels. This approach across all significant segments, gives Viacom both range and depth that other companies in the business cannot match. Each of its channels is so strongly branded that many of us in the stock market may be parts of captive audiences without realizing that our favorite channels are part of Viacom!

The famous MTV is one of the largest brands in the entertainment world. Serious stock market investors may not be regular watchers, but it is a medium that few advertisers can ignore. Global in its reach, MTV rules the waves in the face of all competition and clones. Comedy Central is another Viacom brand which does very well, and which is a branded niche in its own right. Viacom has shows repeated and sustained ability to create great stock market stories of each new channel in which it invests.

Though most of Viacom’s products and services relate to pure fun, it is deadly serious about its business responsibilities. Few viewers know the discipline and hard work that Viacom staffers put in to achieve the standards they do. The stock market community has come to rely on Viacom for professional excellence, the casual nature of its business notwithstanding.

The 2005 division between Viacom and CBS has further strengthened the stock market value of the original corporation. Each of the offspring has critical mass and the competencies to sustain the scorching paces of profitability and growth. The ensuing management flexibility will give operational autonomy which executives need to flourish in dynamic market conditions. Stake holders of all categories can look forward to continuing excellence from Viacom.

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