NYSE Group

We may be in an age during which exchanges compete strongly for the best listings, but the New York Stock Exchange, now known as NYSE Euronext, stands firm as a stock market which companies strive to list on. Executives consider it a great honor to ring a bell and to start a trading day at the NYSE. This institution represents the best stock market traditions. It is a credit to its host city, and is central to New York’s domination of financial markets. The NYSE is professionally managed. Its systems and procedures are golden benchmarks for the entire stock market world. No significant global investor can afford to stay away from the NYSE. You too can be one of the owners of this prestigious organization!

The NYSE does not rest on its laurels. It is dynamic and forward-looking body, having crossed the ocean to become a major player in the financial and stock market domains of the European Union, thereby expanding the business prospects and influence of the NYSE considerably. NYSE stock holders can certainly look forward to exciting times, and improved valuations of their portfolios, as a result of the expertise of this stock market spreading its wings to new pastures.

The NYSE is a learning organization. Its long history and accumulated experience combine to serve as a competitive edge against newer stock market entrants. More than 2,500 companies and funds are listed on this stock market, which has operated since the end of the 18th century. The NYSE has indelible traditions of serving the interests of investors and of those who seek to raise capital, in equal and transparent measures. The management and operations of the NYSE as a profit-making entity constitutes an interesting opportunity for the international investor. Efficient and innovative stock market procedures represent one of the most valuable opportunities in all matured markets. The NYSE is in an excellent position to consolidate its hold on this key service sector.

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