There are U.S. stock market members who match the most elite troops in the nation’s Armed Forces. These companies take every adversity in their stride, and overcome obstacles to growth and profit which would cripple other organizations. Never deterred by difficult operating circumstances, such companies use their resources to turn threats in to opportunities.

The Altria Group is a Striking Example of Stock Market Excellence. They guard their shares and ranks with uncommon zeal, and treat set-backs as no more than transient steps in their quests to delight their stock market supporters. Truly, they resemble the famed Seals of the U.S. Navy, albeit in stock market terms!

The Altria Group pf companies show this kind of resilience in facing pressure, and have always been committed to the stock market mission of optimizing value for their shareholders. The extremely hostile market and regulatory atmospheres in which Altria executives often function never dilutes the most exacting standards of governance, in this company which upholds uniform values in all its member companies with pride. Individual companies have long histories in their respective fields, though the Altria Group is of relatively recent vintage, going by stock market terms.

Litigation management and aggressive marketing are two key competencies which mark operating companies of the Altria Group. Tobacco cases have snared both the Atria Group companies and their competitors. Altria has not only scored an impressive string of victories in the courts, but has safeguarded its essential stock market value by careful provisions and innovative Group structuring. All this has been achieved by adherence to fair and valid defense procedures, and by never shirking corporate responsibilities. An endearing development for the stock market has been Altria capability to discharge its obligations to the legal process without any weakening of its operating effectiveness.

Altria is a Marketing powerhouse which appears to have the ability to take on any stock market rival. It has fought illegal street operations by foreign pirate traders in the cigarette business, acquired and successfully run factories in the uncertain conditions of the third world, and maintained the best traditions of hallowed brands in Kraft Foods. Altria has never hesitated to invest resources in customer and brand development, even in tough times. It strikes a harmonious balance between over-riding Group aims, and operational autonomy for individual companies and for lines of business. It is as successful in the regulated competition of the first world, as it is ambitious in the rapidly expanding markets of Latin America and of Asia.

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