Toyota is a symbol of the post World War II stock market phenomenon, though it is also entirely relevant from a conventional investment perspective. Few companies can boast of a record of such rapid growth, global expansion, sustained profitability, and continuous innovation as Toyota. Though the company has business and stock market records that pack a global punch, its internal processes remain quaintly Japanese, and even unknown in some respects. Toyota has weathered difficult economic conditions in its home country with scarcely a blip, rewarding stock market investors with delectable returns and value appreciation.

Toyota may make automobiles, but its manner of doing business transcends such a limited stock market space. Toyota blends effective marketing with its superior engineering. Its campaigns reflect rare sensitivity for the cultural nuances of each country in which it does business. The company seems to have arrived at a nearly perfect blend of local knowledge and global standards. Toyota is also to be admired by stock market observers for its ability to participate in all price points of the automobile sector with consummate ease. Its small cars, hybrid engines, SUVs and luxury sedans are all leaders in their respective domains. Customers all over the world have grown to respect the mother brand with the same devotion as American manufacturers have taken almost a hundred years to cultivate.

An important aspect of Toyota is its commitment to the environment. The stock market can contrast this to U.S. companies which have constantly lobbied Washington to keep pollution standards lax. Toyota has turned compliance in to a business advantage, taking less space to produce each car, and reducing the consumption of expensive materials such as paint. Its production units meet ISO 14000 standards, and this has direct bottom line benefits for stock market investors.

Toyota has taken meaningful steps to further its stock market strength. It has entered in to a business understanding with Fuji Heavy Industries, which could weaken the product margins of U.S. manufacturers further.

Toyota ownership is available for U.S. investors in the form of ADRs on the NYSE. It is certainly a top class asset for every serious stock market player.

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