American Express

Business Management students, who wish to internalize branding concepts, would do well on the story and reality of AMEX. Stock market analysts will happily join other stakeholders in acknowledging the infinite value of this global brand. Every service industry faces high obstacles in terms of intangibility, but AMEX leaps over such impediments with ease, as it has become a house-hold name for trust, integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction. AMEX, though a profitable and highly sought after stock market member, has its best assets outside statutory financial statements!

The company was founded in 1850, and is firmly entrenched as one of the thirty components of the Dow. Most brands focus sharply on a targeted demographic cluster. AMEX is unique in its appeal to widely separated customer segments. Individuals rely on it for their shopping and travel needs, with the same loyalty and stability as large corporations. There are no parallels of a single name appealing to such a diverse audience! This situation is not limited to the home country of AMEX, or indeed to any one continent: much of the AMEX brand value emanates from its global dominance of customer minds.

Financial experts on the stock market floor tend to be skeptical about brand images, but the AMEX brand value is not just esoteric. This financial institution has shown tremendous commercial acumen in building some of the best trade linkages known in the personal finance and credit card sectors. AMEX customers get deals on goods and services which are simply unmatched by the competition. This is a second crucial element of the AMEX value for stock market interests which are missing from reported numbers!

Do not be led to believe that AMEX is no more than a mirage! The stock market value of this company devolves as much from street fighting guts as from the glamorous world of branding. AMEX is a tough company, capable of surmounting adversity such as massive write offs in Latin America, market dives during economic downturns, and battles with merchants which would have knocked the socks off lesser stock market lights! AMEX is not content to rest on its stock market laurels, and looks beyond shifting horizons with characteristic enthusiasm and foresight.

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