Strategies for Trading on the Stock Market

Business is War!

Strategy is essentially a military concept, and competition may not be violent, but it can be as fierce in its own way, with strife between warring sides! The struggle to gain and hold a customer’s mind is the highest peak to climb, and market share is such a passion that many companies lose money over it.

The best chances of your returns come from strategic stock insights of your companies. Statutory returns do not show these, and the best investors spend lifetimes observing corporate moves, and making assessments of where today’s moves will lead tomorrow. The best information is gleaned through networking with distribution chains, vendors, competitors, customers, and financiers, apart from employees and key executives.

Tame and inept management blame uncontrollable elements for dips in the fortunes for which they are responsible, though they rarely fail to capture credit when the environment is conducive. However, top professionals who most deserve your financial support make no excuses and fashion playing fields which suit their business objectives. Strategy is of little use if it serves companies only when the going is good!

Leveraging strengths, covering weaknesses, exploiting opportunities, and protecting the stock market from threats, all sound glamorous and exciting, but they require many hours of relentless work behind the scenes for truthful implementation. Amateur stock market visitors may be swayed by exaggerated claims which some executives love to make, but the most successful veterans are skeptical and look for concrete moves rather than words.

Stock Market Strategies is somewhere in between an art and a process, for neither the creative elements nor the supporting facts are dispensable. It is difficult enough for teams inside a company to figure out a strategy, but exponentially more so when individual investors from the stock market world try to look in. Nevertheless, no investor can remain committed to a company without belief in its strategic elements.

Come join us in these pages as we look at ways in which companies can build stable platforms from which they can operate; investing with strategic insights is the best way to build wealth over the long term. Our articles are not one-way streets, and your views are most welcome!

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