Stock Market Guide to Management of Your Stock

The spread of management science marks the 20th century. Finance has always been a key element of every organization, but attention to additional functional disciplines such as marketing and human resources, is a relatively new phenomenon. A number of techniques and concepts have been developed by stock market management thinkers and pioneers, which make for more systematic investing on the stock market.

Business management principles are applicable for small enterprises and for organizations which work not-for-profit, though large corporations have used pecuniary inducements to lure most of the top talent from this new vocation of professional management.

Management has much to do with stock market activity, and we have a selection of articles which we think are most relevant for long term investing by individuals. Large mutual funds may use such thinking to ensure returns on large funds; professionals routinely use such methods in M&A activity. Short-term trading can work by instinct alone, but long term strategic investing does benefit from the professional application of analytical techniques. Important parts of company appraisal are qualitative, and require skills of collating information from market channels, rather than rely on the numbers in statutory reports alone.

Some individual investors have management qualifications, and can apply their learning to decisions on buying and selling on any stock market. However, you do not have to be a management guru to prefer direct stock market operations to abdicating your decisions to a fund manager! Either way, the pioneer days of swallowing whatever management teams dished out by way of disclosures and reports, are over! You can and should assert your ownership rights as a share holder. Awareness of basic management principles is an invaluable asset as you begin to look closely at the daily decisions of the companies in which you have important investments.

We welcome you and be assured that your thoughts and contributions matter to us. You could be an expert in a field of management, or a novice to the world of business – it does not affect the value of your participation for us! We expect to add news from the world of management periodically, so do make it a point to visit here regularly!

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