Financial and Capital Markets

Our financial and capital markets service offers a comprehensive review of the news and daily events that drive the world's capital markets. The materials provided include in depth and provocative analysis of a variety of subjects ranging from industrial sectors, to business management and from finance to trends and analysis.

Some the financial markets that we will cover include:

Capital Markets consisting of activity in the bond and stock markets in the United States on NASDAQ, NYSE, as AMEX, as well as on European Exchanges such as the London Stock Exchange, the Frankfurt Exchange, as well as the Bourse, and Taiwan and Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Foreign Exchange Markets, or FOREX as it is commonly known, for the purchase, sale and trading of the foreign currencies such as the U.S. Dollar, the British Pound and the Japanese Yen.

Commodities Markets that cover domestic and international buying and selling of commodities such as precious metals, energy, livestock and corn.

Our featured articles contain financial commentary as well as expert analysis on the leading market news on each of the world’s major exchanges. For more information about a specific Capital or Financial Market, visit our directory or site map that are accessible from on our home page.