Shenzhen Stock Exchange

The People’s Republic of China has three stock exchanges operating in the country, one of which is the Shenzhen Stock Exchange based in Shenzhen, China. Between the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges list there are approximately over 1,200 companies, which rivals both Tokyo Stock Exchange and Hong Kong stock exchange. In 1995 the Shenzhen Exchange launched the blue-chip composite index that is made up of five major firms.

Some examples of companies that are listed with the SSE are the Chang’an Automotive Group, Baoding Swan, Sunshine Industrial, Koyo Group and the Luxi Chemical Group.

The economy of the People’s Republic of China is considered to be the fourth largest in the world based on its nominal GDP. The country’s economic output for 2006 was about $2.68 trillion USD. The 2005 per capita GDP was about US$1,709, which is considered low by global standards. Since 2005, 70% of China’s GDP comes from the private sector. The People’s Republic of China government has since 1978 changed its economy from a Soviet-style centrally planned economy to a more market-oriented economy, which still conforms to the political framework put over by the Communist Party of China.

China is one of the main world producers of potatoes, rice, millet, sorghum, peanuts, barley, port and tea with nearly all the arable land being used for food crops. Agricultural exports, such as meat, fish and shellfish, vegetables and fruits, grain and grain products are exported to Hong Kong. China is also the third highest country when it comes to factory out put of goods such as iron and steel, automobiles, footwear, textiles and telecommunications. Overall it is electronic and machinery products that have become China’s main exports.

In 2006 the overall exports of machinery and equipment, optical, plastics, medical equipment, iron and steel were $963.0 billion. These exports were mainly despatched to the US, EU, Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. Imports were over $795.0 billion in 2006, which included machinery and equipment, optical and medical equipment, oil and mineral fuels, organic chemicals and iron.

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