Tokyo Stock Exchange

The Tokyo Stock Exchange, or TSE, is one of five stock exchanges that operate in Japan, and is known to be one of the most important stock exchanges in the world, trading with approximately 1.5 million shares, on average, in a day. Within Japan, the Tokyo Stock Exchange is without a doubt the biggest. The TSE has about 2276 companies listed, both internationally and on the domestic market. This amazing exchange sprang to life in May 1878, with its doors opening for trade on the 1st of June, in the same year. The Tokyo Stock Exchange does its trading on an electronic auction system that runs continuously. Once a broker or client representative either places an order, or buy and sell prices are matched, the deal will be finalized automatically. The system allows direct trades between sellers and buyers, and therefore, the Tokyo Stock Exchange enforces controls on pricing. Price controls are set in place to ensure that dramatic price changes do not occur, and that the trade of a specific stock doesn’t crash. The derivatives market of the TSE has been operational for twenty years, and has a competitive market and product range. Equities, Japanese government bonds and index options and futures are available. Well known companies such as Honda Motor Co Ltd, Sony Corp, Mitsubishi Corp, Canon Inc, Toyota Motor Corp and Toshiba Corp, are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

The ecomony of Japan has long been seen as one of the strongest in the world, but concern began in the 1980’s, when real estate prices and stock prices started to decline, and forced the economy into a stagnant state. Over the following years,  from the 1990’s to present day, the growth has started to improve, and the government is positive that the recovery will continue and the economy will carry on growing stronger.

The major export markets of Japan are China, Taiwan, the United States, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong. Products that are exported include electronic equipment, vehicles, chemicals and transport equipment.  Products such as food products, raw materials, oil, wood, fuel, chemicals, textiles and equipment are imported from the United States,  Australia, Indonesia, South Korea and China.

The agricultural sector of the economy is responsible for the provision of pork, eggs, fish, sugar beets, fruit, rice, poultry, dairy products and vegetables. The industrial sector produces vehicles, textiles, steel, metals, chemicals, electronic  equipment, processed food, tools and ships. For more information visit, the Tokyo Stock Exchange Website

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