India’s Stock Exchange

The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) is located in Mumbai and was set up in 1993 as India's first ever debt market. Recently the Department of Company Affairs has recognized the NSE as a Stock Exchange. The NSE is only one of a few exchanges in the world to trade all types of securities on one platform that is broken into three segments.

The Indian financial market is continuously growing, with already a total of 23 stock exchanges trading securities. The National Stock Exchange of India is the biggest and most advanced of all of them, with 1,016 companies listed and 726 trading members. It is also given the ranking of the third biggest stock exchange in terms of transactions. The NSE has strict requirements and criteria for companies that want to be listed on the exchange.

The 5 year Export and Import period put into action between 1997 and 2002 was formed with the goal of boosting India’s exports through the revamping and restructuring of different export promotion schemes. The aim is to help the country become more globally orientated by maximizing benefits from expanding global market opportunities, while at the same time encouraging internationally acceptable standards in quality, and providing consumers with goods that are reasonable in price but also quality.

The GDP per capita was $3,700 for 2006 with a GDP growth of 8.5% and made up by agriculture, services and industry sectors. There are many thriving industries in India like textiles, food processing, software, machinery, chemicals, steel, petroleum and transportation. Exports made up a total of $112 billion for 2006 the main exported goods being engineering goods, gems and jewelry, chemicals, leather manufactures and textile goods. Imports into the country were a total of $187.9 billion and made up primarily of crude oil, chemicals, gems, machinery and fertilizers. The Indian economy is the fourth biggest with a purchasing power parity and GDP of US $3.666 trillion. When rated in USD exchange-rate terms, it is considered tenth biggest in the world, with a group GDP of US$902.0 billion in 2007.

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