Taiwan Stock Exchange

The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation, or TSEC, is a completely automated stock exchange that was established in 1961, and continues to strive to ensure that it has the latest technology available, that the market remains competitive and that products are of high quality. Funded by a variety of state-owned companies and private enterprises, the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation opened for trade on 9 February 1962, and remains the only securities exchange in Taiwan. For a company to be listed on the TSEC, companies have to apply to the Listing Department. The Listings Department will review the application, and if it passes their requirements, they forward the application to the Securities Listing Review Committee. Final approval, is given by the Securities and Futures Bureau, and this ensures that all companies that are listed on the stock exchange of Taiwan have met all financial and operational regulations. The TSEC trades in securities such as beneficiary certificates, stocks, convertible bonds, EFT’s, call warrants, government bonds, Taiwan Depository Receipts and entitlement certificates (convertible bonds). The system that has replaced floor trading is called CATS (Computer Aided Trading System). This trading system is monitored closely at all times, and was awarded the ISO9000 quality system certificate. Some of the companies listed on the stock exchange of Taiwan, is Acer Incorporated, Helix Technology Inc, Lead Data Inc, Rexon Industrial Corp Ltd and SANYO Electric (Taiwan) Co. Ltd.

Taiwan is a dynamic island with a capitalist economy that is gradually increasing in international presence.   Industrialization has been the direct result of the export market and China is presently the biggest export market for Taiwan.  The island also has a very low unemployment rate and consumer debt has been reduced to a minimum.

The agricultural sector of Taiwan produces products such as beef, fish, tea, corn, poultry, pork, fruit, vegetables and milk. The industrial sector manufactures textiles, vehicles, machinery, refined petroleum, iron, electronics, steel, armaments, consumer products, pharmaceuticals and food processing.

The largest export markets to Taiwan are Hong Kong, China, Japan and the United States of America. Products that are exported to these markets include textiles, chemicals, electrical equipment, metals, rubber, technological products and plastic. Precision instruments, electrical equipment, minerals and machinery, to name a few, are imported from
South Korea, Japan, the United States of America, Saudi Arabia and China. For more information, visit the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Website

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