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The Gross Domestic Product for Sri Lanka, is approximately $23.5 billion. It is considered to be a developing nation, with a lower-middle income. There is a vast difference between rural and urban area income, and a significant portion of the population in Sri Lanka is impoverished. The rural areas are faced with an undeveloped infrastructure, the complete lack of employment opportunities that causes families to have no income, an ailing agricultural production and conflicts. All these factors make it increasingly difficult to close the income gap between the communities.

Sri Lanka does have access to natural resources such as phosphate, graphite, gems, limestone and mineral sands.  Agricultural products that play a major role in the economy of Sri Lanka are rice, coconuts, spices, rubber and tea, while the manufacturing sector concentrates on food processing, garments, refined petroleum, metal products, paper products, leather items and wood products.

The export market of Sri Lanka consists mainly of India, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.  The products that are exported to these countries include jewelry, garments, rubber, gems, coconuts, tea and refined petroleum. Products that are imported into the country come mostly from the United States of America, Hong Kong, Iran, India,  Japan, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Belgium and the UAE.

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