Singapore Stock Exchange

Singapore is home to some exciting, high-technology, and efficiently managed companies. This is a prime attraction for being active on the Singapore Stock Market, for participation in the ownership of listed companies has superior profit and appreciation opportunities.

The Singapore Stock Market also has an extensive range of derivatives in its product portfolio. This makes it a suitable base for international investors who need to manage the risks of their interests in this part of Asia. The stock market operates with the typical efficiency which one associates with all of Singapore, and it offers top quality customer services at most competitive rates.

The Singapore Stock Market is of relatively recent vintage, having been formed in 1999, though the histories of its parent organizations go back much further. The stock market does not just cater to established entities, but excels in fund raising initiatives as well. Many growing enterprises in the region have found a welcoming environment in the Singapore stock market for their capital needs.

International alliances are a hallmark of the Singapore Stock Market. It is able to extend its reach far beyond the relatively tiny limits of this nation, and attract investing communities from around the world. The American Stock Exchange (AMEX), the Baltic Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) are amongst the leading international peers with which the Singapore Stock Market has formal links. It has been associated with the Australian Stock Exchange as well. The Singapore Stock Market adds to the attractions of its international associations by a formidable reputation for secure and fair regulation: it is a member of the Global Clearing, Netting and Central Counterparty Association.

Singapore’s mastery over electronics reflects clearly in the excellent screen based stock market operations. Equities, bonds, Exchange Traded Funds, Depository Receipts, and Futures are some of the comprehensive investing facilities this stock market offers. Members and participants enjoy benefits of live data and historical information to meet the most demanding needs. Overall, the Singapore stock market is a service that competitors find hard to match!

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