Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange

Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange no longer exists. Please refer to MYX - Malaysian Exchange

The Bursa Malaysia or as it is also known, Malaysia Exchange (MYX) was known in the 1930s as Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange when the Singapore Stockbrokers' Association was formed dealing with securities in Malaya. Seven years later it was registered again but as the Malayan Stockbrokers' Association, but it continued to not trade in public shares. Then in the 1960s the Malayan Stock Exchange was created and public trading of shares began. A year later the Board system was introduced with two trading rooms, one in Kuala Lumpur and the other in Singapore, linked by direct telephone lines into the same, single market.

The official Stock Exchange of Malaysia was formed in 1964 and a year later the common stock exchange continued to function under the name Stock Exchange of Malaysia and Singapore (SEMS). Then in 1973 the SEMS was parted into The Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange Bhd and The Stock Exchange of Singapore. The Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange was re-named Bursa Malaysia in 2004 and was made up of a Main Board, MESDAQ and Second Board with a market capitalization of MYR700 billion or US$189 billion.

Kuala Lumpur Exchange is ranked thirty-third in the Gross Domestic Products ranking with the total Gross Domestic Product in 2005 being $290 billion, a total growth of 5.5% in 2006. The Gross Domestic Product sector is made up of agriculture, services and industry. Total exports for 2005 was $140 billion trading with the United States, Thailand, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Japan. Imports coming into the country came up to $110 billion from United States, Taiwan, Germany, Japan, Singapore, China, South Korea and Thailand.

Malaysia’s main industries, within the country, is Peninsular Malaysia, which processes rubber and palm oil and is involved with manufacturing, like logging and processing timber, electronics and tin mining and smelting. Another industry is Sabah, which deals with logging, petroleum, processing petroleum production, refining and logging. Some of the companies listed with the stock exchange are the Bandar Raya Developments BHD, Comsa Farms BHD, Aluminium Company of Malaysia BHD, Glenealy Plantations (M) BHD and HIL Industries BHD.

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