Russia Stock Exchange

The Russian Trading System (RTS) was set up in 1995 as the country’s first regulated stock market. At the time of its creation, RTS consolidated regional trading floors in Russia into a single exchange. Today it trades in a complete range of financial instruments. International members of the stock market include CSFB, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Deutsche Bank and others. The RTS Stock Market is traded on international standard electronic platforms, so that algorithmic trading and direct market access are possible.

The RTS Index (RTSI) was first calculated on 1 September 1995 as the official exchange indicator. This index is based on the 50 most liquid and capitalized shares on the exchange. It is computed using real-time prices every 30 minutes. The RTS Stock Exchange is also responsible for the calculation and publishing of the RTS Standard Index (RTSSTD), RTS-2 Index (RTS2) and Sectoral Indices including Oil & Gas (RTSog), Telecom (RTStl), Metals & Mining (RTSmm), Industrial (RTSin), Consumer & Retail (RTScr), Electrical Utilities (RTSeu), and Finances (RTSfn).

The product line offered by RTS includes the RTS Standard, RTS Classica, RTS T+0 Market, RTS Board and FORTS (Futures & Options on RTS). Under the operation of RTS Group are the central counter party, settlement house for foreign currencies and rubles, and the settlement securities depository. The RTS Classic Market is Russia’s only trading platform that permits settlement in foreign currency. The market can be accessed by both local and international investors. The RTS T+0 Market can be accessed via various Internet trading systems by small and major investors. There are more than 400 securities trading on this market. RTS is determined to create a strong financial market, so that Russia may play a major role in the global economy and become a vital constituent of the world financial system.

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