Stock Market Guide to the Hungary Stock Exchange

Refer to Budapest Stock Exchange.

Though no one can blame citizens for the mess, Hungary’s fortunes dwindled for many years under the shadow of the former Soviet Union. However, the country has lost little time after being freed of the cruel grip of Moscow, and continues to rise to brighter heights in the firmament of Europe by the day. Hungary has been a democracy for over a decade, and has joined NATO and the European Union as well. Citizens have much better prospects now than under communist rule, and have found many new avenues to use their knowledge resources.

Hungary’s economic transformation has been at least as spectacular as the change in its political fortunes. Private enterprise now dominates the economy, and foreign investment is actively courted. Capital worth more than $60 billion has flowed in to the country after it adopted the path of reform. Inflation, which used to be in double figures, is now at a manageable 3.7%. Government and industry have acted in unison to achieve this remarkable rate of progress.

Germany has taken most notice of Hungary’s rapid progress, and always promotes every form of trade with its new partner. A recent move in this direction has been in the form of decisive moves by the Preymesser Group. The company has established a Development Center to a town near Budapest, and has announced plans to construct a large warehouse in Hungary as well. Preymesser is a leader in Information Technology, and much can be read in to its moves to invest heavily in Hungary. These new projects are clear signs of European confidence in the professional skills of Hungarian engineers, and in the new face of the country also.

Hungary has focused on the establishment of industrial parks which offer comprehensive business amenities and attractive financial packages which put offers to international companies from neighboring countries in the shade. The country is well set to create new jobs and to expand its GDP during the near future. What a great model for capitalism and democracy!

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