Central European Stock Exchanges

The CEE Stock Exchange Group represents the Vienna Stock Exchange, the Budapest Stock Exchange, Ljubljana Stock Exchange and Prague Stock Exchange. In 2009 and continuing into 2010, the Group is working on implementing a common trading system known as Xetra ® which will enable existing members of each of the four individual exchanges to access the other three. It is anticipated that this will bring many benefits to investors, listed companies and the exchanges themselves. The goal of the CEE Stock Exchange Group is to harmonize the market segments of the member exchanges, as well as standardizing the general terms of business and the clearing and settlement procedures. This will ensure that members will trade under the same conditions on all markets, while remaining separate entities under local management.

The Prague Stock Exchange (PX) is the main securities and capital market platform in the Czech Republic. Located in Prague and officially established in 1992, the Prague Stock Exchange currently operates on the members-only principle, where only licensed securities dealers with a membership to the exchange are permitted to make trades. In May 2004, the PX was granted the status of being a US Securities and Exchange Commission approved offshore securities market. It is now on the list of offshore exchanges deemed as reliable for investors.

Located in Slovenska Street, Ljubljana, the Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE) was establish in 1989 and has as its mission to “ensure a secure, efficient and successful operation of the organized segment of the Slovene capital market.” Some of the goals of the LJSE are to improve the liquidity of the domestic market, while at the same time achieving international standards and recognition of market. While maintaining a high level of quality, regulation and organization of the market, the LJSE wants to increase international investors – no doubt being a member exchange of the CEE Stock Exchange Group will assist in achieving this goal.

The Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) was established in 1990 and strives to maintain a market that is transparent and liquid, for the benefit of its listed securities whether these are in Hungary or abroad. The BSE serves as the primary institution of the domestic financial market, participating in the continuous improvement of the financial culture of the domestic market, offering consistent service excellence in its four main activities – listing services, trading services, distribution of market information and product development.

Established in 1771, the Vienna Stock Exchange has a long history of service excellence and aims to strengthen its home market by promoting the development of entrepreneurial ventures and opportunities that have been created in the spirit of cooperation of recent years. With the opening up of international markets, the exchange anticipates establishing its position in the global arena, a goal which is certainly attainable with the CEE Stock Exchange Group‘s support.

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