French Stock Exchange

Euronext Paris is concerned with the operatio of MONEP and MATIF SA. MONEP deals with options as well as equity and index futures. MATIF SA is a futures exchange. Derivatives previously traded on MATIF are now traded on LIFFE Connect. Products of Euronext Paris are traded using the NSC (Nouveau Systeme de Cotation) electronic system.

Frances equities market consists of three parts: Premier Marché, Second Marché and Nouveau Marché. The Premier Marché was once called the Official list and contains large local and international companies. The Second Marché deals with companies of medium size. The Nourveau Marché includes new fast-growing companies that require capital for expansion. There is also the Marché Libre which deals with securities not found on the other three market lists and this market is non-regulated.

Euronext Paris is responsible for the calculation of the CAC40 index, MIDCAC index and SBF-FCI index. Components of the real time CAC 40 index are included in the SBF index. The MIDCAC index encompasses 100 most liquid stocks on the Nouveau Marché and Permier Marché.

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