Based in New York City, the NASDAQ Stock Market, referred to simply as NASDAQ, is owned by the NASDAQ OMX Group. NASDAQ has more than 3,200 companies and corporations listed, of which 335 are non-U.S. companies, representing all industry sectors from 35 countries. Through the NASDAQ Global Platform Select Market, companies throughout the world have access to U.S. capital formation, thereby fostering economic growth beyond the borders of the United States, a factor which is key to success with the rapidly advancing technology of the 21st century. Demonstrating its commitment to strengthening the global economy, NASDAQ is one of the sponsors of the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland, each year.

NASDAQ offers quotes at three levels, being Level 1 showing the highest bid and lowest offer; Level 2 revealing all market makers public quotes along with information on potential buy or sell stock transactions and recently executed orders; and Level 3 which allows market makers to enter their quotes and execute orders. The exchange’s competitive electronic market structure is designed to provide a low-cost platform for both individual investors and companies, while at the same time ensuring that this service is fair, fast and efficient. SEC reports, as well as other independent data, are regularly reviewed in order to evaluate NASDAQ’s position in the marketplace. These have revealed that NASDAQ consistently provides superior execution quality.

Indices used by NASDAQ include the NASDAQ-100, NASDAQ Biotechnology Index, NASDAQ Composite and NASDAQ Bank. Markets include the NASDAQ Capital Market, NASDAQ Global Market, NASDAQ Global Select Market, NASDAQ PORTAL Market. A readily recognized landmark in New York City’s Times Square, the NASDAQ MarketSite features a high-profile seven story electronic video display, providing market quotes and financial news 24/7, as well as serving as a venue for special events, corporate meetings and press conferences.

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