San Diego Stock Exchange

The beautiful state of California in the United States is often thought of as a place of sun and sand or of beautiful snow-covered peaks. It is, in many respects, the nations playground and it enjoys a thriving economy. When it comes to business, the people of California certainly don’t take life lying down and the San Diego Stock Exchange is the state’s main avenue of stock and bond trading. Indeed, it plays a vitally important role in the country’s economy since California has one of the most dominant economies in the US. In fact, the economy is so strong that it pays more to the federal system than it receives. California is home to a number of strong companies – many of who are listed on the San Diego Stock Exchange. Some examples are Miracor Diagnostics Inc, Surge Global Energy Inc, Advanced Marketing Services, Tri-Isthmus Group Inc and Xenonics Holdings Inc.

As a state, California is responsible for some 17% of the United States’ GDP – a remarkable feat when you consider just how many states contribute to this figure. The state’s GDP was roughly $1.5 trillion in 2004 and has been increasing at a steady rate of about 3% every year since then. While the state is known for its absolutely massive film and television industry, it actually has a remarkably large agricultural industry. In fact, when one considers the annual revenue drawn from this sector, you will find that California’s agricultural sector is not only the biggest in the country, but that it is twice the size of all the other state’s agricultural industries. Its massive harvests in fruit, vegetables and wine as well as good dairy farming have helped to make California the world’s fifth largest supplier of agricultural commodities.

Despite the fact that California enjoys such massive wealth from its agricultural sector, this sector only accounts for 3% of the state’s GDP. Other major cash producers are that of aerospace, TV and movie entertainment, computer hardware and software, borax mining, light manufacturing, tourism, trade, transportation and chemical production. While the majority of those living in California are fairly well-off, the lion’s share of the State’s economy is controlled by mega corporations such as the Standard Oil of California, the Pacific Gas and Electric Company and the Southern Pacific Railroad. The San Diego Stock Exchange remains an important factor in the wheeling and dealing of high finance in California.

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