Why This Stock is a Best Buy

Market capitalization approaches $18 billion. The Price to Earnings Ratio is less than 15. The stock price is steadily on way to the 52-week high of $53.90. Yield is 1.22. Most of the stock is held by respected institutions. Do you have Best Buy Company Incorporated (NYSE: BBY) stock?

Best Buy is right. Where else would any shopper head in a recession? It is not just a matter of a label. The Internal Marketing is just as good as the hype of the name. This management is past master in logistics and leveraging scale. You really can stretch your dollar inside its doors.

Best Buy follows a strange math. Top customer value for great profits. So it is Best Buy for stock investors as well. It is no flash-in-the-pan scene. The five-year sales growth rate is a healthy 13.83. Earnings per Share have grown annually by 19.77% during this period. You would excuse Best Buy for high working capital considering the nature of the Retail (Technology) Industry. However, its Quick Ratio at the end of the Most Recent Quarter has been a tight 0.39. Total Debt is a comfortable 0.18 of Equity.

Asia is right in front of the Best Buy planning map. The International Business wing of the company has established a chain of stores in China. It has also made some high-potential inorganic moves. The gadget hungry emerging economies of the world await their Best Buy entries with open arms. Stock owners, who have missed the bus in the past, can hop on board without further delay.