Use the 3B=ADM Formula for Stock Market Success

Could there be more than what skeptic observers make of Richard Branson flying one of his Virgin aircraft on a bio-fuel blend? The flamboyant entrepreneur from across the Atlantic has defended his venture to reduce the fossil fuel effects of his airline stoutly. He insists that his passion is about more than just his stock value!

Brazil has made a success of ethanol from sugarcane for its total transportation needs in any case. Brazilian success is moving away from exclusive crude oil dependence has become a template for all countries to follow. The implications are clear for every stock market.

Barack Obama has been a long-time and devoted fan of bio-fuels and of Brazil as well. That could be because his home constituency as Senator, stands to gain most from using farm produce for energy, but the truth is that Congressional support for bio-fuels has growing bipartisan support. How can you translate this for your future stock benefits?

Companies with experience in producing ethanol are obvious stock picks. The ones that operate in both the Americas have advantages over others, because Brazilian farms and plants are best at the economics of production, their government subsidies notwithstanding. The US has focused until now on ethanol from the more expensive corn source, but the country has plenty of experience in growing sugarcane for the cheaper Brazilian route.

Do not worry if this is complicated, for Brazil, Barack, and bio-fuels equal the influential, entrenched, and financially secure corporation of Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM). The company has many cards up its sleeves to bring top Brazilian bio-fuel technology to the United States. Their Washington presence amongst policy makers does not depend on just one Presidential hopeful either!