Start Stock Market Simulation Soon!

What can the stock market environment possibly offer in terms of raising children? No generation in recorded history has agreed with its successors or predecessors, in matters such as norms, customs, and even basic values. Almost all of us are guilty of forgetting our own adolescent rebellions once we become parents of ‘terrible’ teenagers!

Another ‘myth’ that most of us accept without question is that some children are inherently and irreversibly poor at math. We either fret and scream on learning of poor school grades, or resign ourselves to life with children of lesser academic aptitudes. Now, have you ever met someone who cannot do sums in her or his head, and who is also a stock market financial wizard?

The days of enormous bank deposits, generous interest rates, and rock-solid pensions are gradually drawing to finales. Pink slips, self-employment, interrupted careers, and financial insecurity in old age, are all just nightmares for the outrageously wealthy, but these are the flip sides of ridiculing State-guaranteed welfare, subsidized essential services, and affordable essentials of life. Most stock market operators are caught in the whirlwinds as gilt edged organizations of yesteryear decay in business terms.

Financial literacy is as fundamental and essential for 21st century adult life, as are the conventional skills of reading and writing. Simulating stock market transactions is a fun yet effective way of cultivating wealth-creating habits in growing kids. You do not have to go the full UGMA (“Uniform Gift Trust to Minor’s Act”) distance to enable real purchases and sales in the names of children. However, regular instruction in stock market analyses will keep them ready to hit the ground running with judicious decisions once they turn eighteen.

It is easy to swing to the end of the pendulum where children become obsessed with the stock market at the cost of doing home work, playing sports, and hanging out with friends. Caring parents will strive to strike and to maintain balance between every child’s needs to understand stock market basics, and the values of enjoying pre-adult lives. Now there is something which teachers cannot do!