An Oasis of Dividends in Every Stock Market Safari

Stable demand and diligent management distinguish the stock. You cannot do without electricity no matter what. Power bills have priority. You might invest in reducing consumption, but you cannot have your electricity supply disconnected altogether.

The management has proposed horizontal integration which will improve the value of stock further. Regulators have been asked to approve the company’s acquisition of a competitor. This will extend the stock from Kansas to Colorado, Nebraska, and Iowa. It will also make an entry into gas.

The five year average Net Profit Margin of this stock is not spectacular. However, 6.36% is better than nothing. The Dividend Yield is 6.29. The Payout Ratio has been over 90% during the past four quarters. It is like a stimulus check, except that it keeps coming in your mail.

GXP will slake your parched portfolio. The entire Electric Utilities Industry is the right prescription for investors weary of market adventures. How did we find this stock? It is a matter of searching amidst the shifting sands of today’s stock market. The approach will lose appeal when bulls roam green pastures in future. But right now, it could be your best bet.