A Sole Stock Market Choice

It may have something to do with history and geography. South Korea has a long legacy of Japanese domination before World War II and a continuing threat from its namesake and northern neighbor as well. The adversity must have bred true grit in South Korean entrepreneurs! Top brands developed and manufactured in this country represent extraordinary value for money, and invariably give the competition some ulcers! Another area of strength for South Korean companies is to tailor all their communication with the cultural nuances of the countries in which they do business.

The nearly 50 million population of South Korea, with a median income of over $20 thousand a year, presents an interesting domestic market for U.S. companies. It is quite a challenge to survive in the sophisticated but linguistically distinct market conditions which prevail, but there are few alternatives with matching profit potential. South Korea also has a thriving trade with China, and some U.S. companies may wish to augment their forays in Beijing and Shanghai with strong presences in Seoul.

The Korean Stock Exchange is a model of free enterprise and effective regulation. It has over 700 members with state of the art infrastructure and transparent tradition conventions. It offers a full range of products and services, and has the strength to support domestic and international funding and operations. There is plenty of room for the best U.S. companies to work on collaborations with South Korean counterparts and all the ingredients for them to set up shop in the country as well. Check on the South Korean connections of your stock market properties, for they are likely indicators of superior value and potential.