Hate Him or Love Him, This Bear is here to Stay

Friends and foes are in equal awe of Russia. No one can match their land mass and the resources that lie under the surface and off the coasts. You may be aggrieved by their claims to Arctic territory, but we have balanced things on the other pole. Just when we were settling down to life without the Soviet bloc, the Russian bear has begun to stir.

Put ideology aside when investing in stock. Russia is an opportunity not to be denied. We agree with the criticism below our article on BRIC stocks. Read it for yourself at: Fed Economic Projections and Your Stock Strategy

Interest in Russian stocks need not have any roots in panic. It can be deliberate and planned in detail. Tourism, apart from energy, is a profitable and non-controversial part of the economy of Russia. The country has a working stock market system. Read about it at: Russian Stock Exchange

You can also hold stocks in the economy of Russia through the US. Some of our best corporations have flourishing operations in that country.

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