Fed Economic Projections and Your Stock Strategy

What can you do to deal with stagnation, inflation, and related portents of doom? Here are some stock market and other leads:

1. Invest abroad – not your entire portfolio, but drop every stock of luxury goods imported in to the US from abroad. Put the money in professionally managed stocks from the BRIC block – Brazil, Russia,India, and China. ADRs could be your best bets, because you have the dual benefits of high-GDP-growth markets and the watchful eyes of the SEC.

2. Think of the Aerospace and Defense Industry: the falling dollar will make Boeing cheaper than Airbus. Who can compete with us when it comes to large civilian aircraft anyway?

3. Get active with Major Drug industry stock: plenty of us have insurance, and you can hardly cut-back on medicine anyhow.

4. Start a second revenue line. Online is best, but even delivering hot pies at homes should do. Invest in acquiring new skills. Look around you for great new ideas.

5. Make a savings plan. Cheaper, shorter, and fewer vacations will yield the most cash. Avoid expensive credit card loans, and pay-off or refinance any such funds you may have already. Change food shopping habits to get more calories and balanced nutrition for every dollar.

You probably have better ideas, and we love to read about them. 2008 needs a whole new stock investment strategy, no matter whether you manage a colossal fund, or just invest some hard-earned savings. Join our community for exciting leads and much food for thought. Start today!