Delivering New Stock Market Values through Revolutionary Work Place Practices

The stock market has never been comfortable with executive expense accounts, but has lacked concrete bases to question operating and marketing expenses in detail. Things could be changing in the new electronics age, and it is time for investors to ask hard questions about how their precious funds are used in day-to-day operations.

The stock market needs to worry less about small domestic operations which involve industrial selling, than about large global enterprises which involve large Marketing functions and sales teams. Travel is a notorious sieve through which cash can drain quickly with little hindrance. Advertisements for business class air travel and for freebies from luxury hotels only add to the burning embers of doubt about why so many people need to visit so many places so often-all on your money!

The best corporations use video-conferencing as a routine measure now, but are the cameras and other paraphernalia just for show, or do listed companies have deep cuts in travel budgets to show the stock market? Online conferences can also do wonders to involve small investors more in operational matters, so the matter has more than merely cost-saving implications.

Realty values are another common concern for the stock market. It is common to writhe in pain when a company on which you depend for returns splurges on a new office. However, who asks questions about sunk costs? It is a tragedy that statutory financial disclosures make nonsense of opportunity costing because it would reveal that some enterprises can maximize returns simply by shutting shop and distributing cash from their real estate proceeds!

Stock market quarters may like to ask the companies in which they have interests to combine video-conferencing with work-at-home alternatives. This kind of restructuring may sound a bit too revolutionary for the weak kneed, but it can work! Most corporations can do with skeletal facilities compared with the opulence to which their executives are accustomed: the savings in terms of commuting are just bonuses!

New work place practices are not related to cost savings alone, as far as the stock market is concerned. It is also a matter of using the electronic commerce option fully, and of merging it seamlessly with traditional distribution channels. Most companies have web sites, but how many of them have used the medium to restructure their fixed assets in most productive manner?

Do write and tell us your success stories in reducing traditional office spaces, or even shutting them down altogether, and using modern and virtual options for loads of benefits instead!