Does Marketing Myopia Cloud Your Stock Trade?

  • A recession changes purchase habits but does not eliminate them. Not everything we buy is equally price sensitive. The best marketing professionals will thrive in dull economic environments by focusing on lower price points.
  • There are demographic groups, countries, and economic sectors which will not experience any slackening of demand. You can adjust your stock portfolio to enjoy reasonable profits and significant growth even in dim market surroundings.
  • Adversity brings out the most cost effective thinking in executives. Communication, logistics, interest, overheads, and sourcing are five of the richest fields in terms of becoming more efficient. Look for the ‘tough get going’ genre of managers.
  • Technology can fly you above bad stock market weather. Pick stock that helps large numbers of people save money. Satellite and ground systems for data, audio, and video transmissions, are typical examples.
  • No government can stop spending, especially in an election year. Buy stocks of defense, home security, and social welfare contractors. Any company with Uncle Sam for a customer will do in this economic storm.
  • Most lists stop at five, but you can keep the creative fires burning. The macro of the economy hides plenty of micro. That cuts both ways. Right now, you should look for the brightest stocks in the market sky. Shut out the forest of negative inputs so that you clearly see the trees of profits and growth.

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