The Stock Market Torch in Economic Darkness

Edward de Bono has called it ‘Water Logic’. Stand on your worries. Suspend conventional barriers in your mind. Allow your thoughts to meander. So what if worst case scenarios come true? You could be surprised by those bright lights at the end of the tunnel in your brain.

Most things Edward de Bono has written need examples and practice. He advocates a whole new approach to thinking things through. We decided to try it out on our state of depression. The latter came on when we read that US factories did not have too many orders anymore. Demand for consumer durables has fallen off. Could there be a silver lining here?

Technology is a moving target. Washing machines, microwaves, and television sets have become old stuff. Anyone can make them. They last forever anyhow. Additional features of new models are not that exciting any longer. Could it be time to move on?

How about satellites and outer space? How many countries can compete with NASA? Why does Russia fret so much about our missile shield? Surely, astronauts can do plenty apart from just floating around miles above us.

Water Logic has taken us to Orbital Sciences Corporation (NYSE: ORB). Recession clears from our windscreen in a flash. The stock has a 35.81 annual sales growth at the end of its Most Recent Quarter. Our Air Force has just selected this company to participate in a $250 million missile contract. A new communications satellite built by this corporation has settled in to its planned orbit, and functions normally. The California Institute of Technology and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory have selected this company to build a spacecraft for deep space exploration.

The recession doom has cleared from our minds. We have not even started on wireless communications, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and a belly full of amazing stock investment opportunities. US manufacturing has changed, but it is alive and well.