Be Sure to Read the Global Competitiveness Report

The Global Competitiveness Report and the World Economic Forum, has its roots in Geneva and is known for its comprehensive listing of countries and is able to provide users with specific information and statistics. The report includes the weakness of a country, factors that have played a significant role in the status of the economy, performance reports, the ranking of each country and the strengths of each country. As the years have passed, the Global Competitiveness Report has become more precise, more specific and is the leading indicator of world developments.

The strategic data that is compiled into the report includes a variety of surveys that cover topics such as political aspects, public institutions, corruption, innovations, bureaucracies, freedom of speech and of the press, and inflation rates. All these factors and more are surveyed, and points are added or subtracted according to the findings. This then gives analysts the sufficient information they need to be able to rank countries and to award a competitiveness value to them.

When looking at countries such as Zimbabwe, Tunisia, the United States of America or even Bolivia, you will be able to compare their progress and growth to previous years. The report will also give you insight as to the reasons why they have either moved up of down on the listing. The Global Competitiveness Report is and important initiative on which thousands of people relies, for information and to base financial decisions on. Without the report countries would not know where they rank competitively against other countries and would not be able to make the necessary chances to improve their ranking.