Now is the Time to Enter the Vietnam Stock Market

The first half of June 2006 has seen volatility and depression in the Asian stock market scene. Vietnam has been no exception with what may be described as a rather extended bear phase. Yet, sanguine investors believe that this could be a good time to invest in selected members of the Vietnam stock market. PetroVietnam Finance sold all the bonds it planned to offer over a month in just a few hours amidst the humid financial gloom! There are other signs of great hidden values waiting to be captured in this resource-rich country with enviable demographics.

The Vietnam GDP recorded a fantastic GDP growth well over 8% in 2005. 90% of the people are literate, and the median age is well below 30 years though life expectancy tops 70. The land is rich in minerals and other useful substances and is most fertile to support a wide basket of field, horticultural and plantation crops. The country is blessed with over 2 thousand miles of coastline with abundant marine wealth. The people are industrious and the country presents some of the most exciting prospects to be found anywhere.

The world has begun to take eager notice of developments in the Vietnam stock market, and in the country’s economy as a whole. Reuters have introduced a new product specifically designed to help investors take decisions on offers from the Vietnam stock market. The Japanese lead most countries with fresh investment proposals, especially related to new urban development in the country. The Dung Quat Economic Zone has been a grand success, and sets a furious pace for other projects of this nature.

The country has achieved a fair degree of stability relative to some of its neighbors and to other parts of the world. Many members of the local stock market have upgraded their operations with foreign collaborations and induction of professional managers. The outlook for growth and profits in the medium term are excellent and superior to many traditional applications of investment.