A Stock to Hedge Your Celebrity Computer Services Industry Bets

The Computer Services Industry can be thin ice for upstarts. One bad word about a service provider stock can send your web site to the bottom of the rankings pile. What is worse is that you have to return to the days of surface mail and fixed lines telephones. Your email may stop functioning, leaving you on the road without the Internet.

There are other reasons to be circumspect about celebrity stocks from the entire Technology Sector. Be honest: do you really understand everything the boys from garages say about their products and services? Who knows when another kid nerd will become a stock billionaire? You must have a stomach for Star Wars to play with such stocks. Boom and bust seem equidistant with no median.

We just heard some talk about a classic stock from this industry. They say it can never go wrong. The market capitalization is a cool $1.5 billion. The stock has been around $26 in the troubled first fortnight of March 2008 against a 52-week flow of $0.93. Your doctor probably uses the services to stay current, and you should as well. Own and hold stocks of WebMD Health Corporation (NASDAQ: WBMD) even if you prefer Alternative and Complementary Health Care for your family. It will keep your stock portfolio fighting fit, and no Computer Services Industry giant will hold your investment decision against you.

Do you have strong views about the Technology Sector? Do you think one service provider should have accepted an offer from a rival to buy it out of stock listings? Have you any leads on new kids about to storm the stock market block? Why not write for us?