Buy Real Estate Stocks Now! (Part 2)

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Stock Investing in Natural Capitalism
LEED is not an acronym for any stock market listed security, but it is set to sweep stock trading with an investing broom! Leaders in Energy and Environmental Design is a laudable initiative of the U.S. Green Building Council that sets new standards for all stock holders in realty, construction, financial aid for property ownership, and design. LEED is also a matter of justifiable pride for the United States, because it has reinforced the dominance of this super-power in modern and sustainable means of land utilization.

LEED will not change the National Register of Historic Buildings immediately, but there is no doubt that building, ownership, and operating constructed interiors, will never be the same again.

Industrial ecology concerns have changed profitability drivers in a whole host of economic sectors. Natural capitalism has emerged as a determining force in the financial fortunes of all kinds of corporations, and of their stocks as well. Stock of any concern that can help others to meet LEED certification criteria is obviously desirable, but the financial planning effects stretch to distant areas such as automobile manufacturing as well. Survival in this industry of fierce competition requires that one must use less land per car, spend natural resources responsibly, and keep areas clean of footprints at the same time. Behemoths of Detroit which have not learnt these strange skills, now experience serious stock price declines.

Tax Planning Through Realty Stock

The Internal Revenue Service makes even more sense of LEED. This extends to new constructions by corporations in which you may hold stocks and to your dwelling place as well. Use quarterly and annual stock reviews to badger executives about whether they plan to take advantage of section 142(l) of the Internal Revenue Code. Companies that cannot qualify their offices and factories for tax benefits under this regime, waste your capital. Similarly, you can improve your personal post-tax cash flow by claiming valuable credits in return for installing LEED components 2000 certified by the International Energy Conservation. Get details from your financial advisor, and ask your tax preparer if he or she has included all the qualified devices that you have bought to save energy consumption in your home in this year’s return. Do not worry if you miss this year’s bus, because it is never too late to save on tax and energy bills at the same time!