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    Mauritius Stock Exchange

    Founded in 1988 and located in picturesque Port Louis, the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) is a private limited company and the country’s principal exchange. The Stock Exchange Act of 1988 established the SEM as well as the Stock Exchange Commission (SEC) charged with the responsibility of regulating stock exchange operations. The SEM is a founding member of the African Stock Exchange ...

  • Strategies

    Patent Protection

    The stock market is accustomed to complaints about piracy in China and India. It seems to be a major concern for top corporations in music and healthcare. The matter is also the subject of intense negotiation and lobbying at the World Trade Organization, and when Executive Heads of State meet each other. Most stock market investors are content when told that business is flagging because ...

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    Very few companies come even close to Intel’s ability to make silicon chips with imprints of integrated circuits. The company upgrades its technology with dazzling rapidity. It is far ahead of the competition, and appears poised to stay that way!

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    General Electric

    Stock market investors with shares in General Electric (GE) derive both profits and pride from their ownerships! This monolith strides over the industrialized world with a slew of impeccable technologies for healthcare, power generation and distribution, air travel, appliances, and advanced plastics. Few companies can boast of the kind of contributions to modern society that GE makes ...

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    High Tech

    21st Century BusinessTechnology has always been a key stock market driver. Some of the most enduring ways to create value emanate from new abilities to fulfill unmet needs. Research and Development has always been an evolutionary function, alternating between dramatic breakthroughs and continuous but marginal improvement. There are three 21st century trends that have begun to spawn new ...

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    Why do some initiatives fail to make the stock market grade, while apparently similar ones enjoy unprecedented successes? Experts say that information technology is different in key respects from dotcoms, but lay people may be forgiven for wondering why some computer and Internet use is so profitable, while others seem to have no commercial application whatsoever. Why could the dotcoms not ...

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    Banking - Backbone of the EconomyWhile the definition of a bank may vary from country to country, it is generally defined as a financial institution engaged in banking activities, including accepting deposits, honoring checks drawn against clients' funds, and offering investment funds and loans (which are channeled from the deposits accepted). Moving with the times and technology, the ...