Buenos Aires Exchange

The key index of the Stock market in Buenos Aires is the MERVAL, “from MERcado de Valores, ‘stock market'”. Other indicators that are utilized are the Burcap, M.A.R and Bolsa General, and the currency indicators are Wholesale Indol and Indol. Top companies companies listed with the stock exchange are the Bolsa-G, Burcap, Merval, M.AR and Merval 25.

Of all the large cities in Latin America, Buenos Aires is Argentina’s main port and its commercial, financial, social and industrial center, with the Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires playing an important role in the economy. Buenos Aires can be found on the eastern edge of the Pampa, which is known as Argentina’s top agricultural producing region. It is also linked via the large inland river system to Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay, which makes it the main distribution and trade outlet for area.

The port is not only a vital trading and distribution area but it is historically one of the world’s busiest ports, which has led to citizens of the city to call themselves Portenos, ‘people of the port’. The chief export of Buenos Aires is hides, wool, meat and dairy products, flax and linseed oil. The city is industrially orientated and stands as a major food-processing center, with its large refrigeration and meatpacking plants and flourmills to process the goods. Other industries that can be found there are printing and publishing, metalworking, oil refining, production of textiles, clothing, paper, chemicals, automobile manufacturing, machine building, beverages and tobacco products.

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