Tehran Stock Exchange

The industrial sector of Iran plays a vital role in the production of vegetable oil, textiles, sugar refining, food processing and metal fabrications. Even though the agricultural sector of the economy does not produce enough crops to sustain the  country, it does have agricultural farms that contribute dairy products, sugar beets, rice, nuts, grains, wheat, cotton, wool and fruit.

Iran’s most important export markets are in Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Japan, Germany, France and Italy. Products that are exported include nuts, carpets, petroleum, steel, iron, hides and fruit.  Oil is Iran’s major export product estimated at 85% – 90 % of its toal export commodity.  Iran imports products from the UAE, Germany, Italy, France and the United Kingdom.  Imported products from these countries include the import of refined oil products, military supplies, food, pharmaceuticals, technical services, machinery and metal works.

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