Workplace Investment

With the proliferation of new investment programs and federal regulations that encourage savings for business owners and employees alike, workplace investment advisors have gained popularity and are fueling radical changes in how retirement planning products are sold and how plans are funded.

From sole proprietors to small and medium sized business, as well as not-for-profits and associations, a number of self service and full service brokerage firms are reaching a new market of investors with innovative products to suit the demands of employers as they strive to meet the growing retirement needs of their employees. Advice that was once reserved for the “highly compensated individuals” or “key employees” is now available for employees regardless of their position or rank in the company or organization.

When it comes to encouraging their employees to participate in retirement plans, employers have many options from which to choose.

Managing a company retirement plan is performed by most full service brokers, who offer programs that address a range of employee needs such as Stock Purchase Plans, Enrollment Services, Payroll and Benefit Services, Compliance Assistance, and Plan Administration. Employees have reported that access to these and other services are a value added benefit and lead to greater productivity and higher retention rates.

As a first step, many companies offer a single or series of “Workplace Seminar Nights” or “Investment Workshops” that are usually hosted with the support of a brokerage firm or other expert investment advisory firm. These on site workshops and seminars are generally held during the lunch hour or after hours. Guests are usually invited and shown a short video or slide show. Handouts are provided as “follow along” materials.

Some of the topics generally covered during the Workplace Seminar include an overview of investment and insurance products such as stocks, annuities, disability policies as an informal discussion about asset allocation strategies, fees, and participation guidelines. After the presentation, there is usually a question and answer period.

Many small to medium-sized companies have elected to start and make available investment and employment related retirement, savings, and health plans for their employees. For employees or employers wishing to learn more about the type of Workplace benefits available, to participate in an existing plan, or business owners that are considering adopting a workplace investment we proudly offer a comprehensive discussion about investment techniques and programs in this section.